Asheville River Sand
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Exclusively Mined Asheville River Sand

Asheville river sand is a medium to coarse sand used in farming, mortars, backfill on walls, mixed to help drain clay dirt, and an all-around sand for residential and bio-retention ponds.

Asheville River Pea Gravel
A smooth finished stone used for walkways, dog runs, patios, fence posts, and all high traffic areas.
Asheville River Pebbles
A river material that is washed and comes from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains used in walkways, driveways, fishponds, and landscaping applications. 
White Sand

White Sand used in a special joint material. This product is used in play boxes, beaches, volleyball courts, and Japanese gardens.


3/8" White Decorative Stone
A crushed stone with variations of color with a rounded shape and used in stucco, driveways, walkways, landscaping and patios.
Is a crushed angular stone used to replace mulch, driveways, parking areas, flower beds, and walkways.


Plus fill dirt and top soil

3/4" Washed Pennsylvania

¾” Pennsylvania washed driveway/landscape stone. This stone is quarried out of Pennsylvania and new to this market.



Screenings are dust off crush granite rock. Product used for pavers, fence post, and horse arenas.

3/8" Washed Gravel
A crushed stone under 1 inch in size. It is the most common driveway gravel. Also used in drainage, retaining walls, and as a base layer for walkways. 
3/4" Washed Gravel

Crushed granite, generally the size of 1.5 inches. Used in roads, deep trenches, as well as to prevent soil erosion. 


Concrete Sand

Masonry Sand for mortar use in stone, block and brick. Used to fill in pavers and stone joints. Also also used as cover material and stabilizer for pavers.

Road Bond Gravel (ABC)
A mizture of crushed stone no larger than 1.5 inches and granite dust.  Used as base material for roads, driveways, and in preventing soil erosion.